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Fees and Terms provides totally free service, but you should pay attention that we do not provide any financial assistance. All we do is connecting the reliable loan lenders with the borrowers with the help of our website. A vast majority of lenders want to deal with borrowers using our service, as well as many borrowers are interested in getting the most convenient and quickest monetary help. As soon as you have completed the online application form, you are given access to all the variety of lenders.

All cases are regulated by the Truth in Lending Act. Before you sign the agreement with the lender, you should read all provided information attentively. If you have some misunderstandings, it is better to settle them with your loan lender before the agreement is signed up. Also, you can be asked to confirm the agreement with your e-mail signature. Pay attention to all details written in the agreement, because you will have to cover administrative spending in case you fail to fulfill all terms and conditions.

Rights and obligations

After the application form is fulfilled and a confirmation e-mail from the lender is received you will be provided by the sample of the agreement which you will have to sign. There are all terms, conditions, fees, and charges determined. After that, you have your own time to decide if these conditions are acceptable to you or not. In case you do not agree with some options, you may refuse to take a loan from this particular lender only before the agreement is confirmed. But if you put your e-mail signature you will have to complete all terms and conditions of the agreement. That is why it is necessary to read all information even that is given in small paragraphs. All conditions must be clear for you and should correspond to your planned budget.

All requirements presented on our website are set by the direct loan lenders. You should know that all your personal information provided in the application form influence the terms and conditions you are proposed to fulfill. Do not forget that you may always refuse from a loan in case you have not signed up the agreement yet. QuickandEasyLoanService has no deal with terms and conditions that are set by loan lenders. Our service is to provide necessary help to both sides: lenders and borrowers.

Failure of repayment

If you miss the time when you must repay the loan, you will have to pay an additional fee. You must know these requirements according to the repayment conditions because they are set by the agreement you have signed up with the lender. The service of Quick and Easy Loan deals only with trustworthy lenders, so you are not supposed to have any technical problems. Pay attention that your bank account must be kept in order to prevent you from paying some extra fees.

Delay of the repayment

All possible variants of punishment for missing the repayment date are presented in the agreement you sign up with the lender. You may be charged additional fees or have your interest rate increased. So you must clearly understand all terms according to which you have to make payments. If there is a situation when you have already confirmed the agreement by sending email-signature and you want to cancel your decision, you must contact your loan lender. According to the agreement you will be supposed to cover all spending set in the agreement. However, all lenders have to fulfill the rules of a certain state.

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