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Frequently Asked Questions

A payday online loan service – what is it?

A payday loan is a monetary help that you can receive online for a short term. This service can also be described as a cash advance loan that helps people to solve their temporary financial difficulties. The amount of taken money is limited from $100 to $1 000 that depends on your location. The loan must be returned as soon as you receive the next paycheck. Such loans are unsecured. You should pay attention that you need to return money on time if you choose to use the payday loan service.

Are you a direct lender?

No, we are a loan referral service.

Application for a loan

You need to fulfill several requirements that are presented in the application form. The current governmental laws forbid taking a loan to people who have not yet reached the age of eighteen. So all applications that do not correspond to this rule are automatically deleted. The other requirement is to have a regular job and regular income. Also, you must have a valid bank account to get the money. Moreover, some additional request can be made by a particular lender giving service on our website.

At first, you must provide the website with all demanded personal information by filling in the application form online. If you want to prove your reliability you should give all necessary data. After you have submitted the application, you receive the confirmation letter from your lender (if approved). The lender may also demand some extra information in order to protect his or her investments.

How will I get a loan?

If you use the online service of QuickandEasyLoanService to take a loan you will receive money transmitted directly on your account.

How much money can I borrow?

The state’s laws of your current location prescribe this amount. However, $1 000 is the maximum limit. While $100 is the minimum limit.

What requests are rejected?

You need to provide all necessary information to the website through the application form and to the lender if extra details are demanded. However, it still does not guarantee the confirmation of your application.

What is time for returning money?

The first action you must do when you get the next paycheck is to repay your loan. If for any reasons you miss this date, you will have to pay extra fees according to the agreement you sign with the lender. You can also be suggested to pay additional charges. If any questions connected to the loan appears, you should contact your loan lender to settle all problems and misunderstandings. Also, we inform you that QuickandEasyLoanService is the service that connects the borrowers with the online easy loan lenders. It doesn’t take any responsibilities for financial issues and transmissions. The only service we provide is connecting the borrowers with the reliable loan lenders.

How does my salary influence the chances to get a loan?

In order to apply for the payday loan, you need to have a regular job with a stable income that increases your opportunities.

Is any faxing required?

It is up to the particular lender to ask you for some additional documents.

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