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Policy of confidentiality

Quick And Easy Loan Service guarantees that all personal data will only be used in accordance with the rules presented in this confidentiality policy. The processing of client’s information is carried out according to the rules of this website. Only the US clients can use the service of this website. Our policy is based on valid US legislation.

1. Security of personal information

1.1. There is a safe web space for each client’s personal data. Due to this clients should not worry about the security of their personal data that they provide to Quickandeasyloanservice using the online application form. This information is not available to any third party. And only the representatives of Quick&EasyLoanservice can use this information in order to provide clients with the necessary service.

1.2. There is a safe SSL encoding that is used to transmit all personal info provided by the client through the application form to our website and which is then transferred by our representatives to loan lenders that may be found on the website.

1.3. All responsibility for the disclosure of login information lies with the client because Quickandeasyloanservice has no access to this information. That is why the person is responsible for storage of login information.

2. Documents necessary for the application

2.1. Technical requirements. makes client’s interaction with the website more convenient and easy with the usage of cookies and web beacons. To understand the meanings of these terms you should read below.

Cookies are used in order to save necessary information on the client’s computer. Cookies software writes down all information according to the websites that you visit. Due to that, we can understand what information and web pages are the most important and interesting to you. Moreover, cookies help us to make our site more convenient to the users.

Web beacons are a special application that creates personalized images with the help of certain user’s information. There is a web pages database that contains information about all previous web searches which help to create interesting advertising to the clients.

2.2. So if you want to apply for a loan you must have the following information:

  • your passport information
  • your contacts
  • details of bank account
  • confirmation of your solvency and current employment
  • # of social security

2.3. We do not consider applications from the customers under 18 years old. Our program automatically deletes such orders.

3. The usage of your personal information

3.1. If you want to use the service of Quickandeasyloanservice you should understand that all personal data provided to our company during filling in the application form is used to make our service which is interesting to the clients comfortable and easy. This personal information is also used by the loan lenders who provide their services on our website. If you have some technical issues or disputes, your personal data can also be required. Any other use of your personal information is impossible.

3.2. Clients sometimes may receive different advertising of products and services that can be interesting for them.

3.3. The current legislation resolves all judicial procedures connected with disputes or litigation due to damage.

4. Dealing with personal information

4.1. Quickandeasyloanservice allows some third parties to have access to the personal info provided by the clients in order to help them make the service represented on our website more interesting and convenient. That is why these marketing and client reporting agencies may get your data.

4.2. All client information is available to loan lenders and representatives of Quickandeasyloanservice when they may need it.

5. Changes in confidentiality policy.

Quickandeasyloanservice may change the conditions of confidentiality policy without noting the client at any time.

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